The breeding process and some sexual matarity develop in pigeons normally in five to six

months of age.But depending also on local climate and temperature and food supply they may
also breed and sex all year around.And some fancier species also continous their breeding
either by speration the sexes.First the male(cock) pigeon find their nest and suitable places.
But domestic pigeondo not having nest in trees they are prefer to the solid surface.The nest
bowl helps that the eggs are not roll out from the pair.Both male and female taking part in
incubation females pigeon lay their egg about 10 days after matting.Usually inlate afternoon
or evening.But female pigeon lay their second egg in next 44 hours.And the eggs are in clutch
size.The male pigeon usually broods from 10am to 5pm the female ppigeon rest at that time.
Hatching of a egg early in 18 days and baby pigeons feed with thier parents its called pigeon
milk with grandular's.It is not milk and not lactose in it.When the baby pigeon reach early
35 days the female pigeon matted again and there process is continous.

There are many colors or pigments found in pigeons due to their climate normally the basic

pattern of a domestic pigeon wild type "blue bar".This is a major and suitable intermine 
of the pigment,merlamin which produce gray and blackish type pigeon with greenish neck and
chest.There is a beautiful creature by GOD to give them such beautiful colors to make this
look fancy,gorgeous and luckly they catch themselves with climate to catch glimpse.Another
common pattern found in check.They called cheker.This also having some pattern of a blue
bar but they have many little blackmarks on their wings.But T-pattern having a very dark
check on their wings.The domestic pigeon having two types of pigment series in them.There
are some different series also find in ash-red and brown colors.Normally birds having
designed structure in their body and having check's like brown check dark blue check,
black check.But pigeon history tells that the pigeon encompasses in many lands and countries
and having traditional color pattern's in it due to climate or species.Due to their color
they are having such names and identies.  

Most of people keep them in their houses and make some such clubs and organizations and having
special pigeon with great diet and healt and having beautiful flying abilities and they use
them for racing and they called racer's pigeon which use are some types organizations in
different countries.The major organizations are use racing romer for a race.The specially
from distance in excess of five hundards miles.Such major racing organizations are
-1 American racing pigeon union (AU)
-2 International fedration og homing pigeon fanciers(IF)
-3 Canadian racing pigeon union
-4 National pigeon asso
-5 Tysons cornor
-6 Brazilian pigeon racing grandprix
-7 Qld pigeon racing asso
-8 The Sergipe's pigeon racing assosiation
PIgeon racing is becoming popular in asia especially in CHINA,PAKISTAN,PHILIPPINES,JAPAN and
TIWAN.Its popularity in INDIA is now on rise and BANDLADESH as well as where lots of pigeon racing
association are present.TIWAN has more racing pigeon events then anyother country.Nearly
5000000 people are involved in pigeon racing on this island.  

This is high flying pure teddy breed.this is very expanisve breed and racers and high level pigeon racers keep it in their homes and baazi with them.

  1. such type of pigeons always flying in a group is called toli wale pigeon and its also called sherazi pigeons this type of pigeons pepole keep in it their house for joy and decoration and tis also called fancy pigeon

after maximum 18 or minimum 16 days the small babies are hutch from the eges they are minor in size and have a samll hairs on body and they look cute.... 

another type of  fancy pigeons and also called homing pigeons and usully people keep them in house for decroations and 4 fun

shamleen pigeons are one of the precoious breed in pigeon histroy they have maximum flying duration more than 24 hours and they love fly.......  

they basically belong from india and pakistan cities ferozpur and rampur and this because of they called ferozpuri and rampuri there flying duration maximum 12 to 16 hours 

this is pure indian madras pigeon its purely high pigeon and this is beautiful pigeon