This is high flying pure teddy breed.this is very expanisve breed and racers and high level pigeon racers keep it in their homes and baazi with them.

  1. such type of pigeons always flying in a group is called toli wale pigeon and its also called sherazi pigeons this type of pigeons pepole keep in it their house for joy and decoration and tis also called fancy pigeon

after maximum 18 or minimum 16 days the small babies are hutch from the eges they are minor in size and have a samll hairs on body and they look cute.... 

another type of  fancy pigeons and also called homing pigeons and usully people keep them in house for decroations and 4 fun

shamleen pigeons are one of the precoious breed in pigeon histroy they have maximum flying duration more than 24 hours and they love fly.......  

they basically belong from india and pakistan cities ferozpur and rampur and this because of they called ferozpuri and rampuri there flying duration maximum 12 to 16 hours 

this is pure indian madras pigeon its purely high pigeon and this is beautiful pigeon

the white mokaye in early days use as a messanger from one place to other place they have also named of qasid pigeon.they are complete white and having black eyes and they belong from india......

this is pure pakistani sialkoti pigeon and they are very intelligent pigeons and they having dark eyes with green neck and they are top flyers 

this is old pakistani breed and good beautiful pigeon having reddish eyes and they are green neck and usually are looked black 

this are most common pakistani pigeon and they are cross breed of ali waley and sialkoti pigeon and this are most intelligent breed of south asia bneautiful flying and toppers pigeon and look like black&white and having green neck and dusty eyes 

kamanger is common flyer of pakistan and it belong from qasoor pakistan and this having reddish eyes and hot blooded powerful pigeon and having dabes on body

this is well colorfull fancy pigeon belong from pakistan and having dark eyes  

this is most common and domestic pigeons having lower flyer and found in many colors and people having keep them for beauty